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During the first step, caregivers tour one of the clinics to get a feel for the routines and structure of the TRIO Academy approach to autism therapy. Caregivers are encouraged to ask general questions about therapy, approach, and schedules. If caregivers determine they would like to move forward with therapy, they can schedule an intake assessment.

Intake Assessment

In the intake assessment, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and the caregivers meet to discuss the child and family’s history and the child’s skills. While the caregivers are meeting, the child plays with a Behavior Treatment Therapist and the Behavior Treatment Therapist starts to complete a skills assessment. 

Follow-up Assessments

A series of weekly two-hour follow-up assessments will be scheduled to allow the child’s team of BCBA and Behavior Treatment Therapist to further evaluate the areas of strength and weakness. These assessments also allow the child to acclimate to the routines and excitement of the group environment.

Prior Authorization & Getting Started

During and after the follow-up assessments, the team begins to complete the prior authorization for services. Depending on the insurance plan, this includes collaboration with the school and/or pediatrician and completion of the Plan of Care. The Plan of Care includes the child’s history, treatment goals, and parent goals. The prior authorization process can take 2-6 weeks. Once approved, most children begin therapy on a reduced schedule and “ramp up” to full hours within a few weeks or a month based on family comfort and team availability.

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