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Behavior Treatment Technician

Available Positions:

Behavior Treatment Technician

Enjoy paid training with a supportive and enthusiastic team! Behavioral Treatment Technicians work directly with children with autism and other disabilities. Technicians teach daily living skills, social skills, and other skills. They are responsible for writing treatment notes and collecting data. Technicians should be flexible, willing to work as a team, be able to run, play and lift up to 40 pounds, accepting of feedback and directions and willing to have fun!

Requirements: 18 years old with high school diploma, valid drivers license with reliable transportation

Lead Teacher

A Lead Teacher is responsible for the education, care, and coordination of services for children enrolled at TRIO Young Scholars private school. TRIO Young Scholars is a non-profit (501c3) private school for up to 10 students with autism or other developmental disabilities in kindergarten through 2nd grade. A Lead Teacher's primary responsibility is the design and implementation of lesson plans according to Wisconsin State standards for kindergarten through second grade and differentiating teaching to meet the individual needs of the students. Lead Teachers must collect accurate data to demonstrate progress or make necessary adjustments to teaching if needed. Lead Teacher provides direction and feedback to assistant teacher and/or teaching assistants and collaboration with Clinical Director and District personnel. Benefits include a unique teaching environment with considerable flexibility and freedom within State Standards and teaching strategies, a competitive full-time teaching contract for the school year with optional employment for summer, paid time off, company-sponsored retirement, and range of insurance options.

Assistant Teacher

An Assistant Teacher plays a vital role in supporting the lead teacher and fostering a positive and productive learning environment for students. Teaching responsibilities include the creation and facilitation of educational lessons and materials that are differentiated and appropriate for the learning objectives in the classroom and based on WI-State standards for each grade for music, art, and physical education. The assistant teacher works closely with the lead teacher, assists in implementing lesson plans for core subjects, manages classroom activities, and ensures the overall well-being and safety of students. This position involves collaboration with the lead teacher, clinical director, and parents to create a nurturing and effective educational experience. Assistant Teacher must have a high-school diploma and experience with children with autism OR be enrolled in a university or technical school for an education, psychology, or related field. The Assistant Teacher position is a minimum of 25 hours per week during school hours (M-F from 8am-3pm). Benefits include competitive pay, opportunities for growth, flexible scheduling, paid time off, company-sponsored retirement, and range of insurance options.

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