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Wisconsin Resources

Winnebago County has a determination process for identifying children who have additional needs within their home and community. When these needs are identified through a screening, children and families may qualify for additional assistance and resources through the County.

This statewide website provides a community for individuals who are impacted by autism in Wisconsin. They have information regarding local caregiver groups, resources, and additional information. 

The DPI website provides information for parents and caregivers about the assessment, IEP process, and educational diagnosis of autism.

Friends of Autism was established in the Fox Valley in 2000. It is the only autism charity in Wisconsin whose primary goal is to raise money to support autism research, awareness, and education.

The Katie Beckett Program is a program that determines eligibility for those with special needs to obtain a Wisconsin Medicaid Card. Katie Beckett may determine that WI resident children with special needs are eligible for Medicaid even though the income or assets of parents are too high. 

Wisconsin Sibs is a resource for families and siblings of children with special needs.

Go Valley Kids provides information on local activities for children with autism and their families. Community resources include places like parks, museums, and other local events. The website also includes links to other local resources.

National Resources

The Organization of Autism Research seeks to use applied science to answer questions from families, caregivers, teachers, and individuals with autism.

The Autism Society is the nation's largest autism organization. Their primary goal is to improve the lives of all those affected by autism by raising public awareness of day-to-day challenges, advocating for appropriate services, and providing up-to-date information regarding education, treatment, research, and advocacy. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention autism webpage provides information regarding the autism diagnosis, treatment, resources, and other helpful links.

National Autism Resources provides a wide-range of information about sensory toys and supports and other educational materials that may be useful for children with sensory needs and/or autism spectrum disorders.

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